About Us

The Studio

Orient EcoSystems is a business that offers green engineering solutions in the HVAC domain. It is our belief that Smart and Efficient systems are those where all individual entities work with synchronistic harmony, to achieve an overall function. The order that emerges from the symphony of these participating elements lay the foundation for a robust engineering ecosystem. This principle we apply not just to the products and services that we take to the market but also to the way we work as an organization.

This has enabled over the years to constantly evolve and add value in the supply chain. We have been in the business for over 3 decades, and have seen closely the challenges and the opportunities that exist to evolve by applying new technologies and best practices from around the world. We are partner with the leading manufacturers globally, that share the same values that we do. We are headquartered in Bangalore, India and have sales offices and employees in multiple regions nationally to manage our pan-India operations. In addition to projects, we also cater to walk-in customers for unplanned purchases through our retail outlets in prime locations of the city.

What Do We Do?

At Orient, we provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for Ventilation and Central Air-conditioning. Our engagement starts early in the life cycle of a project, where we work with leading consultants in the industry to make them aware of the new offerings and their applications specific to the project. We then not only see through and participate in the implementation of our products with our engineering services, but go beyond that into the maintenance phases. This ensures we only offer what is in the best interest of the client and all relevant stakeholders during the project and well beyond into the operations.

Our Vision

To engineer excellence - in our chosen domain as a provider for green and sustainable technology and drive continuous research and adoption of innovative ideas which form the building blocks of this engineering excellence.

Our Mission

To partner our clients, to source, implement and enhance the state of art green engineering technology, to touch lives and value add for better living.