MSV-F2 valves

MSV-F2 valves   Download Brochure 

MSV-F2 valves are manual presetting valves. They are used for balancing the flow in heating and     cooling installations. The valves have position indicator and stroke limiter as standard. Hood of spindle is integrated with stroke limiter. Setting can be locked. Valve characteristics are set up in measuring unit PFM 3000. Valves are free of asbestos. Shut-off function.

In constant flow installations MSV valves keeps constant pressure drop. Its value may be set on several levels depending on presetting.

Installing and working with MSV-F2 valves is easier than ever. The compact design and pre-mounted measuring nipples makes instal­lation a breeze, and the 100% shut-off function will make service and repair simpler than ever. Furthermore, the highly durable paint job provides a high degree of resistance to corrosion, making the MSV-F2 the obvious choice for a long-lasting solution.